The Quarks publishes scientific articles of several areas of knowledge, through an online and printed journal, indexed by the International Standard Serial Number and linked to the DOI - Digital Object Identifier. Our objective is to enable and disseminate the scientific production of research projects in teaching in the form of scientific articles promoting the recognition of authors by the scientific community, the guarantee of disclosure and rights of discovery, updating of the curriculum of the authors and the notoriety of the institution and of the research groups involved.


The journal will publish a number special issues in addition to the regular ones.

The objective are:

  1. To provide the general scientific community ( at regional, Brazilian, and worldwide levels) with a formal channel for the communication and dissemination of the Physics and related research output by publishing original papers based on solid research and by reporting contributions which further knowledge in the field .
  2. To provide the community with open, free acess to the full contente of the journal, and (iii) to constitute a valuable channel for dissemination of Physics and related research.