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Author Guidelines (Papers in English)

The papers, received only by our electronic system, will be submitted for examination and selection of the Advisory Council and peer review, since they fit in the journal description and comply with the guidelines bellow (template):

1. Papers must be original and unpublished in books and academic journals, and derive from research on communication, journalism and / or education.  We will not accept works consisted of mere opinion/reflexion, which do not present results and discussions originated by theoretical or empirical research. There will be also rejected bibliographical reviews which do not present a level of discussion or analysis that indeed constitute an original contribution to Communication, Journalism and / or Education.

2. The papers may be authored by PhDs or by PhDs in co-authorship with masters or graduate students or graduates or undergraduate  (as long as the first author has a PhD degree); book reviews can be authored by students in graduate programs, masters and PhDs.

3. Papers and book reviews may be written in Portuguese, French, Spanish or English, and are published in their original versions.

4. The paper must be sent to one of the six sections of the journal, solely through the electronic system, after author registration.

5. To ensure blind review of the paper, all author identification (names in the text and tags in the document properties) must be removed from the file. The author must provide full name, title, institution of origin and a brief biography of up to three lines in registration profile. Thus, the author should post two files - one identified and one without identification, both word format.

6. The texts must be submitted in Word format (.doc or .docx), up to 2 MB (if the file exceeds this limit, we recommend to attach images as supplementary files), top and bottom margins of 2.5 cm, left and right margins of 3 cm, Times New Roman font, size 12, spacing 1,5.

7. Articles must have minimum 35 thousand and maximum 60 thousand characters, including titles, abstracts, and; reviews should be at least two and up to three pages long. The references list shall not be longer than two pages. We will open exceptions in case the author analyzes newspaper or magazine pieces and these are listed with the references.

8. Fonts in capital letters are restricted to acronyms and references; bold highlights are only used in title and intertitles; footnotes must be in font body 9 and restricted to comments that are strictly necessary to the exposure development, not for quotations.

9. The images must contain full credit (author and source) and the authors are responsible for the permission to reproduce the images, while respecting national and international copyright (9610 Law and the Berne Convention of the World Intellectual Property Organization). Below each image, in the body of the text, its respective subtitle and credit must be included, preceded by the word "Figure", the serial number and colon. Example: Figure 2: Local Productive Arrangement. The use of tables must follow the same format.

10. Entries must be submitted in accordance with the following structure:

- Title, in upper and lower case, followed by its versions in Portuguese and Spanish (which the journal shall provide if the author is not fluent in these languages).

- Abstract from 5 to 10 lines, containing from 3 to 5 keywords, followed by its versions in Portuguese and Spanish. The keywords of each article should follow the format of the UNESCO Thesaurus, available for access here.

- Reviews must not contain abstract and keywords. After the title of the review (also translated to Portuguese and Spanish), which must be different from the title of the reviewed work, the work full reference must be included (Title. Author's first and surname. City: Publisher, year. Number of pages. ISBN).

- Body text: justified, paragraph indents of 1.25 cm (1st line). Intertitles (not numbered) must be preceded by a blank line. Citations up to three lines must be incorporated within the text, quoted and followed by the reference in parentheses (author, year and pages). Ex.: (PORTO JR., 2012, p. 102-3). Citations of more than three lines must be separated in a paragraph with a 4 cm indent, separated by blank lines before and after, single spaced, without quotation marks, followed by the reference exemplified above. Full references must be put in the end of the paper, as "References", single spaced, in alphabetical.