QUARKS: Brazilian Electronic Journal of Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science is a  scientific journal published by the Institute of Physics of the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora-MG, Brazil. Original contributions (in English/or Portuguese) are welcome, which focus on all areas of Physics, and their interfaces with Materials Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Pharmacy and Biology. The periodicity is three monthly.

The central objectives of Quarks are threefold: (i) to provide the general scientific community (at regional, Brazilian, and worldwide levels) with a formal channel for the communication and dissemination of the knowledge based on solid research  in the field; (ii) to provide the community with open, free access to the full content.

The journal has an editorial team of scientists drawn from regions throughout Brazil and world, ensuring high standards for the texts published. The following categories are available for contributions: Full papers,  Reviews, Papers on Education, Short communications, Technical notes, Underrepresented Minorities in Sciences,  Letters to the Editor. The Quarks journal also publishes a number of special issues in addition to the regular ones.  Contents of the manuscript are the authors' responsibility and do not reflect the opinion of the Editor-in-Chief or Editorial Board.